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Membership entitles you to attend three one-day workshops - free of charge - that the BADC runs each year; members are also eligible for a range of discounts on courses run by BADC teachers. You can keep abreast of all the latest news, fight facts and gossip on the website, in the newsletter, and across our social media platforms.


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When filling out your membership application you must include all relative requested information, such as surname, teacher and date of certification, as well as your TCR number (the 4 digit number on the back of your training certificate record). This is for data collection purposes and helps us greatly to identify expired memberships.

Please also note that confirmation of membership, and your name appearing under the members list of the website, can take several days as this is not an automated system; the BADC is a not-for-profit, and the committee work free of charge. We will always endeavour to process applications and reply to emails as swiftly as possible but please bear with us during busy periods - do not send duplicate membership requests. Thank you.

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