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BADC Courses

The BADC itself does not run training courses. However, the following stage combat companies run regular BADC certification courses as both weekly evening classes and one or two week intensives. Listed on the calendar below are some upcoming courses. Click on each event for details and links to book - but you are advised to contact the companies directly for the most up to date information and details on dates, times and booking. 


Bethan Clark -

Captivate Action -

Independent Drama -

Kenan Ali -

Kiel O'Shea -

Marcello Marascalchi -

Northern Forge -

Robin Hellier -

RC Annie -

True Edge -

YoungBlood -

If you wish to add a course to the calendar, please email

Please include company name, level of course, weapons covered, location, dates/timings, a link to where students can book and any other helpful information.

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