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Frequently Asked Questions

When is your next course?

The BADC does NOT run courses. We train the teachers who do, create the syllabus that they teach, train examiners, and arrange exams at a variety of institutions. Most of our courses and exams take place at drama schools and universities, but there are some private companies run by BADC teachers who provide training courses. They are:


Bethan Clark -

Captivate Action -

Independent Drama -

Kenan Ali -

Kiel O'Shea -

Marcello Marascalchi -

Northern Forge -

RC Annie -

True Edge -

YoungBlood -

PLEASE check with these companies to get the most up to date information on training courses.

Where do your courses take place?

See above. As we do not run courses, we do not have a school or any premises. BADC exams run across the UK, but mostly in drama schools or other teaching institutions throughout the UK. Check with them directly for details.

Do I need any experience?

For the BADC Foundation or Standard qualification, you do NOT need any experience. Your teacher may be interested to know of experience in any physical disciplines, but it is not a requirement. If you are interested in taking BADC Intermediate or Advanced exams, you should have completed the BADC Standard. If you have an equivalent qualification from another stage combat training body and wish to take one of our Intermediate or Advanced, then check with your teacher that they are happy to do this. This decision is made at their discretion.


What equipment do I need?

Movement-friendly clothes and trainers are the basics. Some teachers may advise you to have gloves for weapon work. If this is the case, ask them for details.


Is there an age restriction?

You must be 16+ to take the Foundation level qualification. For all of our other qualifications, you must be 18+. There is no upper age limit.


I have a physical condition/learning difficulty. Can I take one of your courses?

The BADC is an inclusive training body and our qualifications have been taken by students with a wide variety of needs. We recommend that you inform your teacher if you require assistance in the classroom.


Can I teach stage combat after taking one of your courses?

Taking a BADC qualification does not qualify you to teach stage combat unless you have completed the BADC Teacher Apprenticeship Programme.


I want to join the BADC. How do I do it and what are the benefits?

To join us as a Swashbuckler member, complete the form on the website. There is a charge of £35 per year, that can be paid through PayPal or via bank transfer. This gives you free access to all of the workshops we run throughout the year and will ensure that you are kept up to date on developments within the Academy. If you have just completed your Standard qualification, you are entitled to a free year’s membership! Simply fill in the details requested on the membership form, including your teacher, TCR number and the date that you took the exam, then select ‘No’ on the PayPal field. Your details will be sent to the secretary and you will receive an email confirmation.


How do I become a BADC Teacher?

You must be BADC Advanced student (Four distinctions at Further Weapons). Then you will need to contact our Training Officer at They will advise you on how to find a Mentor Teacher, to whom you will be apprenticed for the next two to three years. For any more information, please contact the Training Officer on the email address above.


How do I become a Fight Director?

The BADC does not train Fight Directors, though many of our members are.


I need a Fight Director for my production. How do I find one?

Please email with your location and some details about the show. Your request will then be sent out to our general membership. All of the training companies listed at the start of this FAQ also provide professional fight direction.


I have experience in fencing/HEMA/martial arts. Can I skip to your Advanced course?

Technically, this is at the discretion of your teacher, but it would be very unusual if they made that decision. Although all of those listed disciplines have some relation to the principles of stage combat, they are not the same thing.


How do I become a stunt performer?

This is not within the remit of the BADC. Check and the Equity website for information on joining the Joint Industry Stunt Committee register.


I have a BADC qualification. How do I show this on my CV?

Simple write the qualification in your additional skills section. If you want, write your mark afterwards in brackets, like this: BADC Standard (merit). If you are a member of Spotlight, you will see the option to select these under ‘skills’. Any additional details should be written in the general comments section.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact page

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