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Talking Points, News & Policy Updates


This page is intended to be a quick reference area to enable members to keep themselves informed of all the latest developments in the academy. The most recent edition of Talking Points, the BADC newsletter, can be found on the left hand side of the page. Click on the box to download your copy. All the latest major committee meeting decisions and significant changes to our policies and procedures are listed below. All these improvements are updated in our annual publications: Procedures and Practices, Teachers Handbook and the Training and Certification Record.


The current publications are available to download on our documents page.


BADC Committee Meetings

The minutes of each committee meeting will now be emailed directly to all BADC teachers. If you would prefer not to receive these, please inform the Communications Officer at The minutes of each meeting are still available to all other BADC members upon request.


New Grading Structure

Please note that as of the 1st of February 2015 the new grades and assessment criteria has been implemented for the examining of all BADC fight tests. This change was ratified at the 2014 AGM. 


The main changes are

1. Renaming of the grades from fail, pass, bronze, silver, gold and distinction to fail, pass, merit and distinction.

2. A change in the percentage parameters per grade. There is now a larger fail percentage on the Standard and Intermediate fight tests.


The new Examiners Criteria available for download on the documents page.


New Procedures & Practices for 2014-15

The new Procedures & Practices document can be found on the Documents Page. This document was ratified at the 2014 AGM



Teachers are reminded that they must complete an Examination Booking Form (EBF) for every fight test and send it in good time to the Examinations Coordinator. This includes Foundation level tests.

Teachers are also required to complete an Examination Results Form (ERF) for each fight test and send it to both the examiner and the Examinations Coordinator. This includes Foundation level tests.

Examiners are now required to complete an Examination Feedback Form (EFF).

This can be downloaded from the Documents page on the website.


The completed form needs to be sent to the Examinations Coordinator.





The BADC no longer examines at Foundation Level but the training is still recognised in the TCR.  So, no need to book an examiner or pay any test fees but the Foundation still requires a minimum of 20 hours training culminating in a showcase performance supervised by the teacher. Students may have their training recorded in a TCR at a cost of £5 per booklet. Please contact the Examinations Co-ordinator if you require TCRs 

Advanced Single Weapon
The Advanced Single Weapon is increasing in popularity as a flexible, modular way to train towards Advanced (Level 3) certification or as a way of recognising additional advanced training.

Minimum required moves and training hours

Teachers are reminded that the following are the minimum recommended and teachers are always encouraged to provide more training wherever possible before presenting students for examination.

Foundation: 15 paired moves per weapon, 20hrs.
Standard: 15 paired moves per weapon, 35hrs
Intermediate: 20 paired moves per weapon, additional 35hrs.
Advanced: 30 paired moves per weapon, additional 35hrs.
Advanced single weapon (ASW): 30 paired moves.
Weapon Specialisation: 50 paired moves. Additional 35hrs.
The basic syllabi are contained in the Teachers Handbook.


Please remember:

- to inform students that certification expires after 3yrs.
- any new weapon syllabus must be presented to examiner in advance of the scheduled exam.

- to book an Examiner at least a month in advance.

- teachers are encouraged to work with appropriate theatrical weapons wherever possible rather than wooden or nylon alternatives 
- we now have more flexible syllabus choices, please see the TCR and Teachers Handbook for more details


The following publications can be found on the documents page of the website:


The Procedures and Practices contains contains the rules and regulations by which the BADC is run.

The Teachers Handbook contains practical information for BADC teachers and apprentices.

The Training and Certification Record (TCR)
The TCR replaced the previous system of certificates in June 2013. It is now in it's second incarnation and we will continue to improve the design based on committee meetings and membership feedback as needed. This new method of recording a students progress and providing and immediate confirmation of achievement has proved very popular with students, teachers and examiners.



We ask all teachers and examiners to take an active role in the BADC. Please support your BADC by attending the regular FREE one day workshops and the AGM. We are regularly receive feedback from members stating that they were unaware of a certain rule changes or events. Attending workshops and the AGM alongside reading emails and the publications, talking to visiting examiners, visiting the website and emailing the committee are ways in which members can easily stay abreast of the latest news and make suggestions regarding future policies and events.



Information for teachers and examiners on exam protocol with the new Training & Certification Record (TCR)


  1. In preparation for the exam, the teacher marks the issue number (printed on the back cover of the Training & Certification Record) in the ‘Certificate Number’ column the on their Exam Results Form (ERF). This issue number is now also the students membership number.

  2. The Teacher hands out the correct booklets to the students.

  3. Then asks the students to fill in page 5 of the booklet with their own details, the membership number being the same as the issue number from the back cover.

  4. The students can also fill in everything on the appropriate the exam page of the TCR, excepting the ‘GRADE %’ and ‘Signature and Stamp’ boxes.

  5. The teacher then collects in all the TCR’s and arranges then in exam order for the Examiner.

  6. After the exam is complete the Examiner and the Teacher can fill in the grades and record the results in the ERF, the Examiner signs and stamps (with an official BADC date stamp) in the appropriate boxes.

  7. For foundation exam a BADC date stamp is not necessary as an Examiner is not required

  8. Should a student fail they can still receive a booklet but with fail entered, so that they can retake.

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