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Lloyd Caldwell


Lloyd earned his Master in Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University, and pursued a PhD at City University of New York.  After several years performing Off-Broadway, Regionally and in Film, Lloyd concentrated on stage combat training, certifying with the American Society of Fight Directors in 1984.  He is a Certified Teacher with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat and the Academy of Performance Combat, while maintaining his memberships in SAFD and Fight Directors Canada.  He studied Clown at the Schausspiele in Frankfurt-am-Main.  He is a Co-Founder of the International Order of Sword and Pen, which hosts the Paddy Crean Workshops at the Banff Centre for the Arts biennially.  He also founded Bladework, which manufactured stage combat and stunt equipment.  He is Senior Faculty in the Department of Theatre at Oklahoma State University, and is a Fellow in Arts Entrepreneurship at the Spears School of Business.  He works professionally as a fight director and serves as a firearms specialist to the film industry in the United States.

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